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COMAND Solutions

34 Park St.
Buffalo, NY 14201

Phone:(800) 598-0869
Fax:(646) 224-6915


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COMAND Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to making robust content management universally accessible to everyone—from the smallest non-profit to the largest corporation.  We make it easy to access, manage and publish content from a simple, secure web browser interface.

Our solutions begin with webCOMAND, a full-featured content management and distribution system, as powerful as enterprise software at a fraction of the price. webCOMAND has been in use for over 5 years, managing and publishing content for a wide range of small and large sites, portals, and institutions. Each solution is customized to accommodate unique client needs.

Our services and support ensure a smooth and successful client experience; from initial consultation through development, implementation, and training. We empower our clients to control their web presence using intuitive, browser based software. No HTML knowledge or programming skills required.

webCOMAND is always evolving to incorporate the latest advances in technology. As enhancements are developed, these new features are made available to our customers at no additional cost. Unlike off-the-shelf software, our clients will never outgrow webCOMAND.

At COMAND Solutions, we believe that powerful software is only half of the equation. It is the application of these tools through a personal, consultative approach that has made our company a success. We look forward to sharing this success with you.

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