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Version 2.18 Released - 11/27/06
Web interface improvements including full Mozilla compatibility and enhancements to the rich text editor.

Version 2.17 Released - 11/03/06
Improvements to ShellScript functionality and minor web interface updates.

Version 2.16 Released - 08/28/06
New COMAND Script statements and web interface improvements.

Version 2.15 Released - 08/07/06
Fixed issue that prevented importing from certain remote data sources.

Version 2.14 Released - 08/01/06
Web interface dynamic list sorting improved.

Version 2.13 Released - 06/15/06
New COMAND Script statement #LOCAL and improvements.

Version 2.12 Released - 02/01/06
A few new template commands have been added to provide template email and reporting functionality.

Version 2.11 Released - 12/13/05
Miscellaneous minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.10 Released - 11/17/05
Improved content input interface with new "check list" form to easily select multiple content references.

Version 2.09 Released - 09/21/05
Powerful new dynamic template commands introduced.

Version 2.08 Released - 04/26/05
Improved resource usage logs and removed some content type field name restrictions.

Version 2.07 Released - 04/24/05
Improvements to folder tree and publishing efficiency.

Version 2.06 Released - 04/20/05
"View" toolbar option added and a number of improvements for system administrators.

Version 2.05 Released - 03/17/05
Minor update adds folder permission inheritance and folder tree display options.

Version 2.04 Released - 11/09/04
Major update introduces dynamic templates and adds IMAP email import support.

Version 2.02 Released - 06/15/04
WYSIWYG editor improvements and fixes.

Version 2.01 Released - 03/04/04
Minor update to improve backup/restore efficiency and fix issue with publish drop-down list.

Version 2.00 Released - 01/02/04
Dramatically improved web interface and enhanced functionality.

Version 1.34 Released - 07/28/03
Small update to work around Internet Explorer bug.

Version 1.33 Released - 05/26/03
Shell scripts available to automate post-publishing tasks.

Version 1.32 Released - 03/31/03
Small update adds a heavily requested Submit+Add button.

Version 1.31 Released - 11/20/02
WYSIWYG editor introduced to make editing HTML easy.

Version 1.30 Released - 10/15/02
New backup compression reduces storage requirements.

Version 1.29 Released - 10/03/02
SFTP adds secure remote publishing and backup.

Version 1.28 Released - 09/19/02
Improved backup options, passive FTP support, dependancy reporting and more.

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