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COMAND Solutions

34 Park St.
Buffalo, NY 14201

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Our complete set of professional hosting and support services offer an all-in-one solution.


  • webCOMAND
    We host webCOMAND, your content and redundant backups at a Tier 1 hosting facility so you don't need to buy, install or maintain expensive hardware or software.
  • Web Sites
    Web hosting is included with webCOMAND service, so you don't need additional servers or services to host your web sites. Of course, you can publish to outside servers if desired.
  • Email
    We can host your organization's email with our fully managed enterprise email solution.


  • Design & Development
    We can work with you to create new web sites, content types and templates. Our designers make new creations from scratch or based on existing design and layout.
  • Site Migration
    We can help move existing web sites and content to webCOMAND. Our site migration service helps smooth the transition from web chaos to controlled, efficient content management.
  • Training
    Our experienced professional trainers can help you or your organization master webCOMAND.

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