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  • Content Databases
  • Websites
  • Web apps

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Why webCOMAND?

  • It includes everything needed to build robust content databases, websites and web apps from the ground up, but can also supplement and integrate into existing systems.
  • A modern web interface and apps make it easy for developers, content editors, business users and system administrators to work from anywhere on any device.
  • It is free open source software available for download, and as a service, complete with 24/7 monitoring, support and service level agreement (SLA).
Design Your Databases

Design Your Databases

More accurately model your business data and content as objects.

  • Model any type of data and relationship.
  • Extend base models to more specific uses.
  • Work with overlapping models as one.
  • Enable localization, segments and variants.
  • Define calculated fields and functionality.
Control Your Content

Control Your Content

Streamline content collection, evolution and management.

  • Collect from web forms and imports.
  • Constrain and validate data inputs.
  • Collaborative editing and workflows.
  • Content revision and retention policies.
  • Fine-grain user authorizations.
Leverage Your Library

Leverage Your Library

Gain insights and produce value from your data and content assets.

  • Publish to the web, print and more.
  • Access from apps, software and systems.
  • Export to spreadsheets and other formats.
  • Share dynamic reports and web widgets.
  • Search and query to discover insights.
Delight Your Developers

Delight Your Developers

Integrates with and enhances tools and languages developers already know and use.

  • Access your content using any framework.
  • Get, put, query and search web services.
  • Optional feature-rich API and framework.
  • Perform any UI action from the API.
  • Object-oriented, localization-aware queries.