Locked Content

A user may modify content but forget to approve, save or cancel their changes.  In this case a content field will remain locked, preventing other users from modifying the field or deleting the record.

A System Administrator, or user with access to the Users App and Impersonate privileges for all user roles assigned to the user that has the content locked, can unlock the content.

To approve, save or cancel the lock on a user's behalf, even if they are disabled:

  1. Login to webCOMAND
  2. Launch the Users App
  3. Open the User with the lock on the left
  4. Click the "Pending Approval" tab.
  5. Approve, save or cancel the desired content
Enter select mode with the checkbox button to approve, save or cancel multiple items together.
Approve, save and cancel will affect all of the users locked/modified fields.  There is currently no way to unlock only specific fields.