You can connect content in a Base in many ways, to create a web of content that is easier to browse, search, filter, analyze, process, share and monetize.

  • Group - Organize content with folders, packages and fields that may restrict content by type and other criteria.
  • Categorize - Define categories, taxonomies and other structures to further label and organize content.
  • Tag - Content can be associated with tags for more relaxed free-form associations.
  • Hierarchies - Folder and content-specific tree hierarchies make managing large documentation, web page sitemaps and custom hierarchical content intuitive to manage and query.  Authorizations and settings can be applied to folder hierarchies to simplify management of complex security schemes.  Hierarchies even make it easier to manage type inheritance.
  • Relate - Model traditional "One to One", "One to Many", "Many to One" and "Many to Many" database relationships.
  • Variants - Variations on content, such as language translations, different formats and channels can be explicitly defined and managed.
  • Links - Rich text fields can link to other content in the form of text hyperlinks, images and more.