Grid View

Grid view displays a collection of content items in a table where each row represents a content item, and each column represents a field.



Column displays information about a content item, including particular field values.  The columns can be modified to show or hide any field from the button to the right the column headings.  The first column will display a blue or orange dot to indicate when a content item has unsaved (blue) or unapproved (orange) updates.  Click column headers to sort in ascending, or again in descending order. Click and drag the column separators to resize the columns.  Double-click a column separator to resize the column width to fit the widest row value (but no wider than the width of the panel).


Click a row to open the corresponding content.  In Select Mode, click to select the content.  Hover over a row to reveal additional options, such as cut, copy, unlink and delete.