Frequently Asked Questions

What is webCOMAND?

webCOMAND is a "platform as a service" used to build and manage high-quality websites, online stores and web applications. It includes a cutting-edge web interface, web application framework, web services, content repository and API.

A built-in online market makes it easy to find and share apps, components and content, and integrate them into custom solutions.

Why use webCOMAND?

webCOMAND makes it possible to rapidly build online databases, websites, online stores and web applications that are:

  • Easy to manage from a secure, full-featured administrative web interface.
  • Built on an open source framework designed to be extended and customized.
  • Hosted in the cloud.

Who makes webCOMAND?

COMAND Systems has continuously developed webCOMAND for over a decade with the ultimate goal of a platform that can be used to create, manage, secure and share websites, apps and content on the web, where contributors and consumers have control and are not dependent on a single vendor or service provider.

To help achieve that goal, COMAND Systems provides the online market to allow contributors to share, license and sell their work on their terms, with easily understood and ready-to-use license agreements presented and packaged with their contributions in the market.  Additionally, COMAND Systems plans to release webCOMAND as free open source software, and help build a network of third-party support partners and an open source community to increase platform adoption, use and support.