framework Class

  • Namespace: com_webcomand
  • Extends: nothing
  • Implements: nothing

This class is the entry point to access the webCOMAND Framework.

The framework is accessible from a webCOMAND App through the framework property, so there is no need to create one from within webCOMAND App code.


  • base_url
  • protocol
  • hostname
  • framework_url
  • framework_path
  • framework_request
  • framework_query
  • remote_address
  • repo - A repository connection that may have been passed to the framework when it was instantiated, otherwise it will connect on demand.  If connecting on demand, the connection will be made in Working Mode and preload all content types with a log level of INFO.
  • user_agent



$repo = comand::repo();
$framework = new com_webcomand\framework($repo);