The COMAND PHP API provides access to COMAND repositories and features from a library of tightly integrated PHP classes.

For help getting started, see the PHP API Basics Tutorial.

API Access

To access the class library, add the following line to your PHP code, where path/to/comand.php is a relative or absolute path to comand.php in the folder where COMAND was installed.


API Organization (Packages)

The class library and documentation is organized into packages with names like "io_comand_repo".  Each package contains related:

  • Configurations - Files that define the settings and behavior of a package, which can be overridden in config.php.  For more information, see Configurations.
  • Classes - PHP classes that provide API functionality.
  • Content Types - The schema of objects used by the package and its classes.  For more information, see Content Types.
  • Models - PHP classes that extend cObject to add functionality available to objects of a specific Content Type.  For more information, see Models.