File Content Type

Defines the concept of a "file" in the repository. This content type is "abstract" in that it doesn't define a field for the file data.  Extend this content type or use other extending types like Plain Text File or Image Media File for more specific functionality by file type.


  • Filename - A filename, with an extension, and optionally also with a relative path (where relativity is defined by the context of this file content).
  • Data - A placeholder field meant to be overridden by content types that extend this one.  For example, the Text File content type overrides it with a Text Box field, while the Image Media File content type overrides it with a Image Data field.
  • Description - Optional brief description of the file.
  • Data Format - The Data Format of this file, which includes information about the MIME Type, preferred file extension, etc.
  • Auto Detect - Whether the Data Format should be auto-detected from the Data field each time the File is updated.
  • cTemplate - Process the Data text field as cTemplate before it is output.