File Framework


A collection of classes and content types to work with common file types and folders, including:


$data = [['A', 'B', 'C'], [1, 2, 3]];

// write data to a CSV string in memory
$sw = new \io_comand_file\stream_writer();
foreach($data as $row) {
$csv = $sw->close();

// write the CSV string to a file compressed in a ZIP
$zw = new \io_comand_file\zip\zip_writer();
$zw->add_from_string('data.csv', $csv);

Content Types

  • Data Format - Information about a File Format, including Title, Icon, File Extension, MIME Type and how to identify the format from file data.
  • File - Represents a generic file and basic metadata, to be extended to more specific types.
    • Binary File - Represents a file that can not be viewed as plain text.
      • Archive File - Represents a ZIP, TAR or other archive file.
      • Media File - Represents a file that contains audio, image or video content.
        • Audio Media File
        • Image Media File
        • Video Media File
    • Text File - Represents a file that can be viewed as plain text.
      • Apache Config
      • CSS File
      • JavaScript File
      • HTML File
      • PHP File
      • Plain Text File
      • Rich Text File
      • Source Code Text File
  • File Settings - Configure if, when and where Files in Packages will be written to the file system.