Publication Content Type

The publication content type is used to select a set of Publication Procedures to be published to a destination.



  • Title - The name of the Publication (ie. "Company Website - Production")
  • Content Folders - The Publication will typically look in this folder and its child folders recursively for content.
  • Publication Procedures - The Publication Procedures to publish to the destination.
  • Active - A checkbox to determine if this Publication is active and should be published automatically when scheduled, and when Publish/Preview buttons are manually clicked in Content Manager.


  • Publish Path - The file system folder to publish files to, including the trailing slash. This may be a local folder path (ie. /publications/www.website.com/htdocs/) or an FTP/SFTP URL including the remote folder path (ie. sftp://ftp.hostname.com/publications/www.website.com/htdocs/).
  • Publish Jail - Optional file system folder that files should not be able to be written outside of.  If specified, the Publish Path must be under the Publish Jail.
  • Username - Optional username to be filled in when the Publish Path contains an FTP/SFTP URL that requires authentication.
  • Password - Optional password to be filled in when the Publish Path contains an FTP/SFTP URL that requires authentication.
  • URL - The URL where the published files will be accessed on the web (ie. http://www.website.com/).


  • Identifier
  • Run As
  • URL Processor
  • Last Published
  • Last Attempted


  • Is Staging - Check if this represents a staging version of the publication (ie. a preview website) that can be used to test updates in a staging environment before publishing to a production environment. Do not check if this represents a production version of the publication (ie. the public website).  If checked, this publication will be published from a Preview button in Content Manager.  If unchecked, this publication will be published from a Publish button in Content Manager.

Custom Publications

Additional custom settings can be added to a Publication by extending the Publication content type.  This is useful for differentiating one related Publication from another and because all Publication fields are available as cScript Global Variables to all Publication Procedures when they are published.