COMAND Web Framework


Functionality for interacting with web requests.

  • ajax - Methods to help manage basic AJAX requests.
  • client - Methods to help build and make HTTP requests.
  • form - Methods to help produce and process HTML forms.
  • request - Access HTTP GET, POST and SERVER environment variables, as well as create HTTP cookies and headers.
  • session - Manage HTTP visitor sessions, as a layer on top of standard PHP sessions.
  • validate - Ensure form submissions and query parameters meet certain requirements.


$request = new \io_comand_web\request();
$action = $request->get('action');
if($action == 'register') {
    $validate = new \io_comand_web\validate(['request'=>$request]);
    $email = $validate->request('email',
        ['trim', 'required', 'email'],
        'Invalid email address'
    if($validate->valid()) {
        echo('Email is valid');