Capabilities Web Service

Get the COMAND Web Services version and capabilities, including supported services.


  • session: "<session>" – Optional Login session. If it is not specified, the cookie will be checked for the session instead.
  • token: "<token>" – Optional User Token.  If it is not specified, the cookie will be checked for the token instead.


In addition to the Common Response Properties, Capabilities returns the following properties.

  • version: "<version>" – A string that contains the version number in Major.Minor.YYMMDD format (ie. "3.00.120701"). The string will always start in that format, but may contain additional characters at the end, after the date string.
  • services: [] – An array of objects that represent the supported services the user is authorized to access, where each service object contains:
    • Identifier - The identifier of the web service, as it appears in the URL.
    • Title - The title of the web service.
    • Description - A short description of the web service.
    • URL - The "preferred" full URL to the web service on this host.  This may be the full package namespace URL or an alias.  If one or more aliases are defined, the host may provide the first alias defined for the Web and a matching hostname, otherwise the first alias defined for Global, but this will be determined by the host.


	url: 'https://<account>.webcomand.com/ws/capabilities',
	data: {
		token: '<token>'
	success: function(data) {
        var services = [];
        data.services.forEach(service) {
			'Version: ' + data.version + '\n' +
			'Services: ' + services.join()