webCOMAND Developer Guide

webCOMAND includes a web application framework used to build:

  • Stand-alone apps, websites and content where webCOMAND is "invisible" to end users.
  • webCOMAND apps, components and content accessed within the webCOMAND UI.

Key Features

  • Packages - Modules that provide apps, content, features and functionality.
  • Repositories - Object-oriented databases with powerful built-in features.
  • APIs - Programmatic access to webCOMAND features and repositories.

Tutorials & Topics

The following tutorials and topics will help you get started and ramp up on web services and the APIs.

  • Getting Started -  New to webCOMAND?  Start with these tutorials to learn the basics.
  • A Deeper Dive - Once you know the basics, arm yourself to build more powerful apps.
  • Development Topics -  Learn more about topics of interest to you and your team.