Content Types & Views

A number of factors determine how content is displayed in webCOMAND.  In particular, the following factors are used to determine which View is used to display a collection of content of the same type.

  • View Settings - If the Content Type and Folder match those specified in View Settings, and a view is selected for the View Settings, it will be selected by default.
  • Content Type Fields - The fields within a content type can impact the view selected by default.
    • Map View - If a content type contains an embedded Geo Position or two decimal fields named Latitude and Longitude, Map View will be selected by default.
    • Tree View - If a content type contains a field that references the same content type and it is the first field with Show selected, the relationship can be used to describe a hierarchy, so Tree View will be selected by default.  See Content Hierarchies below.
    • Grid View - If Grid View is selected, all fields with the Show option checked will be displayed as columns by default.
    • Gallery View - If a Content Type has an Image Template, Gallery View will be selected by default.
  • cPath - The cPath behind the current view can influence which view is selected by default.  In particular, if the cPath includes a SELECT clause, the Grid View will be selected by default, and the displayed columns will reflect the fields and order they appear in the SELECT clause.

Content Hierarchies

Content Hierarchy

Content can be displayed in a hierarchy automatically.  Configure the Content Type to have a field that is a reference to content of the same Content Type.  The chosen item will represent the parent in the hierarchy.  For example, in the Tree View screenshot to the right, "Home" is a parent of "Solutions," which is a parent of "Websites" and others. "Services" also has "Home" as the parent and so on.

Content that do not have the reference set are considered to be at the top level of the hierarchy.  Content with the reference set will be considered a child of the referenced content.

Further, if the reference field is the first field in the content type with Show checked, Tree View will be selected by default for content of that type.  Otherwise List View will be the default.

For example, create to create a Web Page hierarchy:

  1. Add or Edit a Web Page Content Type.
  2. Add Field for a Relationship to a Web Page.
  3. Position the new field before all other fields.
  4. In the Edit Field Sidebar under Appearance, check Show.

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