COMAND Collaboration

Collaboration features help multiple users contribute and work on content together in a coordinated process.


Each time a content record is created or modified, information about the author and time of modification is recorded. Modification notes can optionally be included as well. An audit trail is maintained regardless of version control settings. Past audit trail information may be automatically deleted after a configured limit on the number of audit trail entries, removing the oldest information across an entire repository first.


In addition to workflow, collaboration features also include a mechanism to restrict modification of the fields of one or more content records to a single user. This is useful when collaboration is not desired, such as when a batch of updates across multiple fields or content records should be managed by a single user. A similar feature in other systems include file locking, record locking or "check-in" and "check-out".

Live Edits

When multiple people open content in Form View at the same time, edits made by one user are immediately visible to all other users.  This makes it possible for multiple users to work on the same content at the same time.

It is not current possible for multiple users to edit the same field at the same time, but that will also be possible in the future.