COMAND Query Languages

webCOMAND and the API support a number of specialized query languages used to query, process and produce content from a COMAND repository.  Each offers unique features and efficiencies best suited for different tasks, but all share the same expressions and attributes syntax.

  • cPath - A path expression to traverse folder and object hierarchies, similar to XPath. In the simplest form, it can be used like a file system path is used for directories and files.
    /System/[:ContentType][Fields.Identifier LIKE 'Con%']
  • cQL - A query language similar to SQL, except with hierarchy and object-oriented features that make it more concise and capable.
    SELECT * FROM ContentType IN /System WHERE Fields.Identifier LIKE 'Con%'
  • cQuery - A query language that extends cPath with features similar to jQuery. It combines the features of cPath, cQL and content type functionality, but it is less efficient and more difficult to learn. In addition to cPath and cQL features, object and collection methods can be intermixed and chained to select, filter and process objects in more powerful ways.

All three query languages share the same expressions and attributes syntax.