Sharing Packages

Packages are stored in a COMAND repository like all other objects. As such, they can be exported, distributed and imported like all other objects.


A package can be imported from an export, which is typically a ZIP file that contains the package and its contents.

To import a package from a file:

  1. Launch the Content Manager app.
  2. Select the folder to import the package into.
  3. Click Import (Import Button) in the collection toolbar.
  4. Specify the package file in one of the following ways:
    • If the file is on your computer or device, select or drag and drop it in the import dialog.
    • If you have a file on the webCOMAND server, enter the file path.
    • If the file is available on the web, enter the URL.
  5. Click Import




For more information, see cJSON File Format.