webCOMAND Panels

A panel is a modular component that displays within a region of an App's layout.

For an end-user overview, see Panels in the User Guide.

From a development perspective, panel functionality is divided into two parts:

  • server-side
  • client-side


The server-side functionality of a panel is built with a PHP class that implements the launchable interface. The launchable interface requires a launch() method to produce information for the front-end in the form of an object. The resulting object is converted to JSON before it is passed to the front-end.

The launch method...and resulting object format (JS, CSS, etc.).

Example PHP


The client-side functionality of a panel is built with JavaScript and related support files, such as CSS and images.

The update and resize methods...and ajax requests back to the server-side.

Example JS

A panel is more or less just a container and proxy for Components.