Create new content of the specified Content Type.  The value for each field may be set inside the #ADD block with #ASSIGN, #NEW or #APPEND, where the variable corresponds to the field identifier.

Fields that reference content may be set as well.  For a single reference, the value should uniquely identify the corresponding content (ie. OID=123).  For multiple references, the value should be a comma separated list of values that uniquely identify each reference (ie. OID=123, OID=456).

Inside the #ADD block, $ID, $OID and $UUID will be equal to the corresponding values of the new record that will be created once the #ENDADD is encountered.  This is useful when a script will need to know the ID of the content record just added (see example).


#ADD($content_type, $folder, $username, $comment) ... #ENDADD


  • content_type - Which Content Type to add information to.
  • folder - The folder to add the content under, which may be specified in one of the following formats:
    • No Value - If no parameter is specified, the content will not be added to a folder.
    • Field=Value - A folder ID, OID, UUID may be specified like OID=123.
    • cPath - A cPath that resolves to a single folder or field.
  • username - Username of the user that will be credited for adding the new content.
  • comment - Additional text which does not effect functionality.  


 * Create Contact in folder with ID 2 as 'webcomand' user with comment
 * "Web Site Form".  Set FirstName and LastName fields and get the OID
 * of the new Contact for later use.
#ADD(Contact,2,'webcomand','Web Form')