#IMAGE ColorFloodFill

Fill an image area with a color.

Only supported by ImageMagick image processing engine.


#IMAGE($image_bytes, 'ColorFloodFill', $color, $x, $y, $fuzz, $border_color = NULL)


  • color - Color to fill with.
  • x - Horizontal offset in pixels from the left edge to start text.
  • y - Vertical offset in pixels from the top edge to start text.
  • fuzz - The amount of variance from the color at the x, y point to consider the same color.  For example, set fuzz to 10 and the color red at intensities of 100 and 102 respectively are now interpreted as the same color for the purposes of the floodfill.
  • border_color - Color of border to fill to (otherwise fill from color at x, y).


    // fill the area of the logo at 80, 100 with red pixels
    $logo = image($logo,'ColorFloodFill','red',80,100);