#IMAGE MotionBlur

Motion Blur the pixels of an image by a certain sigma, and optional radius, angle and channel.

Only supported by ImageMagick image processing engine.


#IMAGE($image_bytes, MotionBlur, $sigma, $radius, $angle, $channel)


  • Sigma - Typically 0 - 1, but can be greater than 1 for greater blur.
  • Radius - Optional, undocumented effect.
  • Angle - Optional, direction to apply the effect (0 - 360).  Default angle blurs horizontally.
  • Channel - Determines which color/alpha channels to blur.  Default is RGBA for all color channels and the alpha channel.  Other options include: All, Default, Alpha, Black, Blue, CMYK, Cyan, Gray, Green, Index, Magenta, Opacity, Red, RGB, Yellow.


#/ apply significant motion blur to the image

#/ do not blend alpha channel (treated as black)