Assign the result of a cTemplate expression to a variable.  The expression may be an integer, string or other data-type value.  Expressions can also include mathematical operations and cScript.

Unlike #NEW, if the expression is a content record (in other words, the field referenced by the variable has a Type set to a Content Type), that same value will be copied to the new variable.


#ASSIGN($variable, $expression)


  • variable - The $Variable is the name of a new variable, or it can be a predefined variable which is having its value modified.
  • expression - A cTemplate expression to be evaluated and result assigned to the variable.


String Assignment Example

To assign a string, enclose the string in single- or double-quotes.

$B is the magic string.

Integer Assignment Example

$A is the magic number.

Math Operation Example

Assign is a variable that has already been set to 3 in Example 1.

The magic number is now $A.


#APPEND to append the result of a cTemplate block to a variable.

#NEW to set a variable to the result of a cTemplate block.