webCOMAND Releases & Roadmap

This section describes each past and planned major release, to help understand the software's history and planned future.

For a complete list of past releases, see the webCOMAND Releases.
  • webCOMAND 1 (1999-2002) - Initial implementation of repository, content types, template language and publication concepts.
  • webCOMAND 2 (2002-2013) - Evolution into general purpose platform and 10 years of refinement of existing model without adding significant new features. Better interface, solidified concepts, improved script language and capabilities, added dependency and caching system.
  • webCOMAND 3 (2014-2021) - New Object-Relational Repository, SQL-like query language (cQL), XPath-like query language (cPath), object-oriented script language (cTemplate 2.0 and cScript), PHP API, Web Services API, Modular Views, Daemon with Web Socket support for task scheduling and real-time collaboration.
  • webCOMAND 4 (2022-2023) - Improve object portability object and collection sync across repositories and file systems. Automated object/file conversion with file type to object content type mappings.  Add spreadsheet language (cCell) and new database/spreadsheet hybrid View.  Add COMAND Market to more easily share and sell apps, content and datasets.
  • webCOMAND 5 - Add "projects" for more controlled batch dev, staging, live content commits, similar to branches in version control systems, but for content and code.
  • webCOMAND 6 - High Availability, configured redundancy across webCOMAND instances without additional database, OS or hardware HA infrastructure.
  • webCOMAND 7 - Distributed object storage for massive repositories, including automatic distribution of objects and script processing.
  • webCOMAND 8 - Refined version control storage and UI (deltas, diffs, patching).