webCOMAND 3 Roadmap

The following key features will be added in webCOMAND 3.x.x releases.

As features are completed below, they are moved to webCOMAND Releases.

Refine Authorization Model (3.4.0)

Current model is "too flexible" making it a challenge to manage and complex authorizations can lead to slow performance.  The authorization model will be simplified to be app and folder based, and the User App will be updated to manage the simplified authorizations more easily.

Improve File Management (3.5.0)

Introduce Output Records, a new mechanism to track all files published by webCOMAND, initially by Publications, but to eventually also include files created and updated through File Settings.  This will allow the system to have a record of all files it has created, and therefore be able to:

  • Automatically delete files no longer produced by a Publication or Publication Procedure.
  • Provide options to delete all files associated with a Publication or Publication Procedure.
  • List the Publication and Publication Procedure responsible for creating a file in the Files App.
  • List the files produced by a Publication Procedure, including for a specific content item in Form View.

Improve Collection View Performance (3.6.0)

Improve performance of the various collection views (List, Grid, Tree, Gallery and Map), including search.  The UI will load quickly, even for collections of millions of items.

Improve Rich Text Editor Link Options (3.7.0)

Make it easier to link to pages, including:

  • Create a proper link from a URL (staging or production).
  • Link to pages in other managed publications.
  • Link directly to anchors on managed pages.
  • Provide explicit mailto and phone number link options/fields.

Improve Large File Support (3.8.0)

Add support for large files (64MB+) in Images/Files fields to be stored in the File System (or at a remote URL) instead of the repository, including integration with existing system backups and version control.  Also add automatic deduplication of BLOBS in the repository and file system to reduce storage requirements.

File / Content Interchange (3.9.0)

Add features to make it easy to import and export Files/Content in to and out of a repository.

  • Add Data Format Content Type Model, which can be used to define how to import/export files to a specific Content Type, with support for multiple (a single default and optional Content Types).
  • Update Tree, List and Grid views to accept drag-and-drop files, to automatically import into the target folder or field (cPath).  If a File is dragged to a Content Type within a folder in Tree View, that, potentially optional, import will be used instead of the default.
  • Update Tree, List and Grid views to support dragging objects/folders out to the desktop, which will trigger the download of an export (zip of files for a folder).  Will fallback to cJSON export if no Data Format is defined.

Improve Repository Performance (3.10.0)

Improve content read/write performance and API access to different versions and dimensions.

  • Improve Save Performance - Refine store, save and approve process to be more efficient for faster saving, especially for content objects with a large number of embedded conent items.  Consider refining how Embedded/Allow Create field objects are updated when saved.
  • Multi-dimensional Repository Cache - Update API repository cache to store all loaded/cached dimensions of a content object, instead of just the last loaded.
  • Unify PHP API Method Names - Update content object version manipulation methods in the PHP API to have more consistent names.