The API App is used to query repositories and process scripts.

Launch API App

To launch the API App:

  1. Login to webCOMAND.
  2. Click "APPS" in the upper-left.
  3. Select "API".


Queries and scripts are processed within tabs listed and added at the top.

Console cPath

Add a Query/Script Tab

To add a new query or script tab:

  1. Click the plus control to the right of any existing tabs at the top
  2. Select the type of query or script you would like to process from:
    • cQL - SQL-like object-oriented COMAND repository query language.
    • cPath - XPath-like repository hierarchy traversal and query language.
    • cScript - cScript language.
    • cTemplate - cTemplate language.
    • SQL - Provides low-level access to repositories based on an SQL database engine.

Process a Query/Script

To process a query or script, click the Process button, or press CTRL+ENTER on your keyboard.  The results will be displayed below.