Bases App

Use the Bases App to work with content in Bases, databases of rich, connected content that drive websites, apps, documentation and other digital productions.

Watch the video* above, or follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Launch Bases

To launch the Bases App:

  1. Sign In to webCOMAND.
  2. Click "APPS" in upper-left.
  3. Select "Bases".

Bases View

Once launched, the Bases View will display all Bases you are authorized to access, along with the content types they contain.  Click a Base or content type tile to open it.  If authorized, you can also add, rename and remove Bases.

webCOMAND Dashboard

Add a Base

To create a new Base, click the "+" button in the top-left of the Bases View.  If you don't see the button, you may not be authorized to add a Base.

  1. Click "+".
  2. Enter a Title.
  3. Click "Add".

Open a Base

To open a new or existing Base, click its icon or title (ie. "Contacts" or "Website" in screenshot above).

There are also a few shortcuts for common tasks:

  • Edit Content - Click a content type to immediately list all content of that type.
  • Add Content - Hover over a content type within a Base and click the "+".
  • Edit a Content Type - Hover over a content type within a Base and click the gear.

* Video contains Royalty Free Music from Bensound