The COMAND Market will be available in webCOMAND 4.

The COMAND Market is an online marketplace for free and purchased apps, plugins, content, services and more.


Market offers the following features.

  • Products & Packages - Just about anything can be packaged and put on the market. Apps, plugins, content and digital media can be shared and sold. Real world products and services can also be advertised, shared and sold.
  • Share or Sell - Products and packages can be shared for free, or sold. Sales transactions are processed using traditional currency or cCoin. cCoin can be purchased or cashed out online (5% + $0.50 processing fee) and are equal to a US penny (US Dollar / 100). While there is a fee to convert between currency and cCoin, cCoin transactions have a much smaller fee (1%, no minimum) than traditional currency (3% + $0.30 or 5% + $0.05), so it can save money to use cCoin to buy and sell products without converting back to a traditional currency, especially for micropayments.
  • In-App Purchases and Budgets - Users can authorize apps to make a purchase without accessing the Market directly to eliminate unnecessary steps. This is particularly useful for micropayments for content, features and services. User's can also authorize automatic purchases with a budget based on simple rules, such as by app, content type, item cost, aggregate cost over a period of time, etc. Budgets can eliminate all manual steps to make a purchase while controlling spending and keeping users informed through alerts and reports.
  • Digital Receipts - A digital receipt is provided with each transaction, for easy and secure verification of a purchase. The digital receipt can optionally be used as a form of Digital Rights Management (DRM), if desired by the package author.
  • Licenses - Each product or package can be associated with a license. Licenses are associated with a clear, easy to understand description, as well as the full legal terms. A license can also be used to digitally enforce limitations of use or reuse if desired by the owner, including royalties for resale and reuse.
  • Attribution / Royalties - If allowed by the owner, a product or package can be resold, redistributed, repackaged or reused in various ways while remaining associated with the original owner, and providing credit and/or royalties in accordance with the license and price. For example, a song can be incorporated into a mix, remixed or sampled in another song. If any of those products are sold, the original song author can automatically receive royalties in accordance with the original license. When DRM is used, this can be enforced digitally. In other cases, it is enforced through digital agreements between the owner and reseller. This can remain true for credit/attribution, even if a product is freely available. In other words, webCOMAND can maintain a trail of transactions and authorship that ultimately lead back to owners.