Content Manager

Content Manager is used to work with content.  While most apps typically work with one or a few related types of content, you can model and manage any type of content with Content Manager.

Video to demonstrate aspects outlined below.

Start Content Manager

To start Content Manager:

  1. Login to webCOMAND
  2. Click "APPS" in upper-left
  3. Launch "Content Manager"


Content Manager initially displays two panels.  The left panel presents a tree of all folders and their content by type.  This is a great way to navigate to most content.  The right panel lists and displays content selected in the left panel.  Content in the right panel can then be opened for editing.

To learn how to work with panels and content within panels in general, see Panels.

Managing Content

To learn how to perform common tasks in Content Manager, see the following sections.

  • Working with Content - Locate, create, edit and organize content.
  • Workflow - Modify, save, approve and revert content.
  • Publishing - Preview and publish content to a website or other destination.
  • Sharing - Share content with others with links, exports, widgets, packages and products.
  • Working with Content Types - Create new types of content with their own unique fields.