Bases extend the capabilities of traditional databases and content management systems to enable individuals, teams and apps to work with content more effectively.

Learn how to take advantage of these capabilities in your project in the following sections.

  • Model - Break down content traditionally stored in files into smaller, well-defined elements, which can be created, connected and remixed on their own, and to form larger digital productions.
  • Connect - Group, categorize, tag and link content into a more valuable web that is easier to browse, search, filter, analyze, process, share and monetize.
  • Access - Query, search, traverse, load and update content from apps and APIs specifically geared for working with rich, connected, evolving, multifaceted content.
  • Collaborate - Coordinate teams and machines with real-time updates, workflows, content processing, validations and publication processes.
  • Version - Track, review and restore revisions made to content and their individual elements.
  • Secure - Control access to private and sensitive content, based on fine-grain authorizations.
More information is also available from our "What is a Content Database" Blog Post.