Batch Edit

Batch Edit updates a field in all selected content items.

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Watch the video above, or follow the step-by-step instructions below.

To update a field in select content items:

  1. Select the content items to update (see Collection Toolbar: Select Mode).
  2. Click Batch Edit (Edit Option) in the toolbar.
    Batch Edit - Toolbar Option
  3. Select the field you would like to update.
    Batch Edit - Chose Field
  4. Select any applicable options, and set the value.
    Batch Edit Field
  5. Click Submit.

Batch edits can take time to process, so progress is reported until all updates are completed.

Batch Edit - Progress

While the batch edits are in progress, you can:

  • Cancel Remaining Updates - Skip remaining updates once the content item update in-progress is completed.  All completed updates will remain.  Just the remaining updates will be skipped.
  • Continue in Background - Close the progress popup and continue working on updates in the background.  Progress can still be viewed from the Notifications & Tasks Sidebar.

Queries & Scripts

Advanced users and developers can also use queries and scripts to batch edit content items, including more complex updates.  For example, the following cQL query will achieve the same results illustrated above with Batch Edit.

UPDATE President SET Party='Whig' WHERE Number IN (9,10,12,13)
For more information updating batch edits with queries and scripts, see cQL and APIs.