Form View

Form view is used to display and edit a single content item.



Each field within a content item is displayed on its own row with the label to the left or above and the value input and controls to the right or below.  The input and controls displayed depend on the type of field.  However, many fields have one or two common controls.

  • Help OptionHelp - Click to display information specific to the field and how it can be used.
  • Open OptionOpen - Click to open the field content.  If the field contains a collection of content items, they will be opened in a collection view with select mode, search, etc.  If the field contains a single content item, it will be opened individually, typically in Form View.
For information on each type of field, see Form View Field Types.


Buttons down the right side of the Form View slide out sidebars with additional information and options.

Info Sidebar

Information Sidebar Displays content record metadata, including:

  • Content Type - Hover over the content type to open or modify the content type.
  • ID - The ID unique to this object across all objects of the same content type within this repository.
  • OID - The Object ID unique to this object across all objects in this repository.
  • UUID - The Universally Unique ID for this object across all objects in all repositories.  Hover over the UUID to display options to generate a new UUID or paste a copied UUID.
  • Key - The text key that is unique across all objects in the same parent field.
  • Keywords - Keywords to match against for repository object searches.
  • Summary - The summary text to be displayed for the title.
  • Description - The description text to be displayed with the title/summary in certain collection views.
  • Last Modified - The last time this object was modified in the repository.

Related Folder Settings, Content Settings and Publication Records can also be expanded when associated with the content in the panel.

Versions Sidebar

Versions Sidebar All versions of the Form View content are organized under the headings: Drafts, Approved and History and Logs. The Drafts and Approved sections are expanded by default. The History and Logs section will only be visible if authorized to view version history.  History and Logs must be expanded to reveal past versions.

Each version shows the author, timestamp and version notes.  Only versions still stored in the Base will open (version metadata may be maintained after versions are removed).

If authorized, a version can be opened in read-only form for review.  Click cancel to return to the working copy.  If authorized, a Restore button will replace the Approve and Save button.  Click Restore to save the current working copy as a draft and restore the opened version as the new working copy.  From there it can be modified, approved, saved or cancelled.

If authorized to view or edit Version Details, hover or swipe left over a version to reveal the Version Details option.  Click it to display and edit information about the version.

Related Sidebar

Attributes Sidebar Provides access to attributes (other content that references the displayed content).  Content types of content records that reference this content record through a specific field are listed.  Click one to slide in a list of the specific content records.

Some common attributes are Tags and Notes.  Notes are text comments associated with a user, timestamp and checkbox. Once checked, the comment is considered archived and moves below all unchecked notes. The checkbox is meant to be checked once a comment has been addressed or should no longer be considered active/prominent.  Use the collection bar to add a new attribute, search and change the view.

Publishing Sidebar

Attributes SidebarOnly available when the panel content can be published.  It lists:

  • Procedures - Publication Procedures that can publish this content.  Hover over a procedure for open, preview and publish options.
  • Publications - Publications with the procedures that can publish this content.  Hover over a publication for open and preview or publish options.
  • Publication Records - A record for each file published for this content, including the URL link and time published.  Hover over a record for open and preview or publish options.

Variants Sidebar

Variants SidebarOnly available when content has one or more dimensions, such as language for translations.  The sidebar button appears on top of the others, in the toolbar.  The button shows the icon of the displayed variant.  If no variant is set, the dimension icon is displayed instead.  The sidebar displays all defined variants with options to create new variants and edit existing variants and set the default variant order (drag and drop variants in the list).