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webCOMAND 2.68 Released

COMAND Systems released webCOMAND 2.68 today.


  • Content Type Data Type Fields may now base their choices on a Publication List.  The displayed title and stored value are customized with the first value in the Choices, which are interpretted as COMAND Script for each value in the Publication List.
  • Slave servers now do not auto-publish, auto-backup, auto-import/export or support #EMAIL by default.  New $PerformAutoPublish, $PerformAutoBackup and $PerformAutoImportExport configuration settings in setup.pm, and existing $EmailSupport may now be set to 0 (disable), 1 (enable only on master) and 2 (enable on master and slave).


  • Content records were listed as "outside scope" in some cases where "N Parent" reference scope was defined.
  • #ARCHIVELIST produces error upon critical failure in the AnyUncompress Perl library.  It previously caused the publish process to terminate without an error.
  • #EMAIL email address validation updated to allow dashes ('-') in the email addresses before the '@' character and better handle validation of email addresses in the form of "Contact Name <contact@address.com>".

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