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webCOMAND 2.70 Released

COMAND Systems released webCOMAND 2.70 today.


  • Further improved FTP and SFTP resilience.  If file operations fail, even if the remote connection is not lost is now detected and recovered, even if it occurs in the middle of an operation (such as file upload, download, directory change, etc.).
  • Improved error logging when processing a field based on a publication list, if the publication list has errors.
  • Content types where the first display field is a single reference to the same content type and the location is based on a Publication List, it will display as a hierarchy in list view, similar to fields not based on a Publication List.


  • Content fields were not displayed in the correct order in some circumstances when viewed in read-only mode.
  • #LINK did not process the Publication Procedure's List's Content Source (folder scope) properly for free-form SQL to produce the $Folders CSV variable.


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