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webCOMAND 2.73 Released

COMAND Systems released webCOMAND 2.73 today.


  • New "Blur" and "MotionBlur" image processors added to #IMAGE, which require 1 parameter "Sigma", and take an optional second parameter "Radius".  MotionBlur also takes a third optional parameter, "Angle".


  • #IMAGE "Shadow" image processing feature updated to adjust shadow offset according to X, Y parameters by "rolling" the image.  This compensates for a bug in Perl/ImageMagick that ignores the shadow X, Y parameters.  A new optional fifth parameter, "Composite" can be set to 'false' to prevent the original image from compositing onto the shadow.  If set to FALSE, the resulting image will only include the shadow.
  • #IMAGE "Crop" image processing feature updated to handle cropping after "soft" canvas size updates, such as when a shadow is applied to an image, which indirectly increases the image size.

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