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webCOMAND 3.0.0 Released

COMAND Systems released webCOMAND 3.0.0 today.  It is a major update, rebuilt from the ground up with the following significant new features:

  • Object-Relational Database - A new object-oriented content repository schema enables content type inheritance, reflection and polymorphism.
  • cQL - COMAND Query Language, similar to SQL with object-relational features.
  • cPath - COMAND Path Language, similar to XPath with object-relational features.  It can be used to traverse
  • PHP API - The entire system has been rebuilt from the ground up in PHP on a PHP API and framework that is also available to developers to extend the CMS and build new apps.
  • Views - New modular views have been added, so content can be displayed in multiple ways, including the built-in List, Tree, Table and Form views.  Additional views will be developed to extend the system further.
  • Daemon - A background process can now be run to monitor and manage Scheduled Tasks and notify client browsers about content updates using Web Sockets.

For more information, see the new webCOMAND Docs.

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