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webCOMAND 3.0.11 Released

COMAND Systems released webCOMAND 3.0.11 today, which introduces a web form processing API.

Form API

A new web form processing API makes it easier to produce and process HTML forms that populate corresponding repository objects from PHP code.  In particular, form::form() produces an HTML form with inputs named after a content type's fields, which can be processed with a single call to form::update().

For more information, see the \io_comand_web\form webCOMAND Docs.

Miscellaneous Updates

The following performance improvements, internal updates and bug fixes are also included in this update.

  • New Database Library - A new database library centralizes and better organizes SQL/engine code, which is now utilized by repository diagnose and backup.
  • Improved Backup - Repository backups are now faster and more storage efficient.  The schema has also been updated to be more future proof.
  • Isolated OS-Specific Code - Operating System specific process and memory management code has been moved into io_comand_util\system.
  • Object Write Performance Improvements - Object submit now performance a recursive object load which cuts down on lazy load time dramatically.  Several other optimizations were made in collection/cPath processing.
  • Scheduled Task Timeout - Added timeout option to scheduled tasks and option to auto-kill if canceling goes on too long.  Also now log results if cancel/kill events are triggered.
  • Dimensional cPath Update - Updated cPath's append object method to support re-building the last several elements of a cPath when an embedded object of a different dimension is appended.

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