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webCOMAND 3.0.13 Released

COMAND Systems released webCOMAND 3.0.13 today, which improves user management and panel navigation.

User Management

The Users app and User View and authorization features have been improved.

  • User Impersonation - Authorized users can now login as another user with a combined username (<authorized username>: <impersonate username>) and the authorized user's password.
  • Per-User Login Policies - Each user can be associated with one or more Login Policies given them access to only the appropriate systems, such as webCOMAND and/or apps with custom user logins.
  • Per-User Authorizations - Individual user authorizations are now available, in addition traditional User Roles.  This makes it easy to add one or two customizations for a user without the need to create a new User Role.  It is also useful for special-case users that will never share authorizations with other Users.
  • Activity Logs - User activity, such as logins, app launches, content approvals and publishing, is now logged and visible from the Users app and User View under the Activity Log tab.  This makes it easy to audit user activity.  Apps can use the API to log custom Activity Logs as well.
  • Pending Approval - All unapproved content changes for a user are available in this new tab in the Users App/View.  Administrators can Approve, Save or Cancel content changes from here on a user's behalf, individually or in batch.
  • Users Lists - The list of users in the Profile right sidebar and on the left in the Users App now includes a dynamic search and count.

For more information, see the Users App webCOMAND Docs.

View Settings

New View Settings can be used to associate preset views and filters with certain folders and content types.  The custom views will become available from the Panel View drop-down.

Panel History

The blue back button is now more sophisticated, with options to go back, forward, or jump to any past path.  View state now persists when navigating the history.

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