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webCOMAND 3.0.22 Released

We are excited to announce the release of webCOMAND 3.0.22. 

User Interface Updates

We've made a number of other improvements to the webCOMAND interface to support usability for client-facing content editing views.

  • Content Types can now define a Copy template that will automatically execute when content is copied/pasted in webCOMAND. This allows you to customize behaviors such as setting field defaults and updating date/timestamps.
  • You can now customize the behavior of the + (new content) button for fields within a Content Type. This allows you to specify a subset of types that users are shown when adding embedded content, and to override the order they are presented in.
  • When saving or approving content, if the defined Validation template alters other fields in the content record, the UI will now automatically update to reflect the new values.

Custom Search Feature

The cPath bar and Search inputs have always allowed free-form input of cPath or cQL to facilitate complex custom filters. However, this can be challenging for clients who need sophisticated filters but do not have a background in similar query languages. 

3.0.22 introduces a new UI search feature, where administrators can define custom Search Settings that are revealed as simple search modifiers to end-users. Adding Search Settings for a folder and type reveals a dropdown in the search bar that users can choose from. Users can still enter free-form filters or use these modifiers for more targeted searches without needing to learn cPath or cQL syntax.



Other Bug Fixes / Performance Improvements

We've made a number of fixes in this release to address minor bugs and boost interface performance.

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