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webCOMAND 3.0.24 Released

We are excited to announce the release of webCOMAND 3.0.24.

Version Control User Interface Improvements

webCOMAND has long had built-in version control features that give users fine-grained control over how long to store versions of content. When configured, changes to approved content are always stored in the repository and can be recalled at a later date, even if content is deleted by a user.

Version 3.0.24 now exposes past versions in new ways, allowing end users to more easily review and restore past versions through the improved Version Sidebar.

Version Slideout

Users can also access more information about each revision, and can now more easily customize the notes for each version in order to better collaborate with their teams.

Version Details

Repository Snapshots and Temporal Queries

In addition to configured version control, webCOMAND is capable of "snapshotting" the content repository, which will cause any content changing after the snapshot to automatically save version history. While this has long been a feature of webCOMAND, release 3.0.24 now exposes snapshotting as a tool which can be scheduled to create rolling save points for repositories that change frequently.

Both configurable version control and repository snapshotting allow users to view their content as it was at a particular point in time. Release 3.0.24 now exposes this feature as new syntax in its cPath and cQL languages, allowing users in the interface to more easily review past versions of content and restore those old versions or even deleted records.

For users familiar with webCOMAND's cPath syntax, you can now browse the repository at a particular point in time using the new @ symbol:

/Bases/Website/[:WebPage]@'2020-04-17 12:00:00'

The value after the @ symbol can take a number of forms, including:

  • a particular date or date and time
  • a particular repository revision number, if known
  • a human-readable relative date-time, like 'yesterday' or '2 minutes ago', as supported by these relative formats.

For users familiar with webCOMAND's cQL syntax, you can access point-in-time querying in the same way using the new AS OF clause:

 SELECT * FROM WebPage IN /Bases/Website AS OF yesterday

This new cPath and cQL syntax is now available anywhere that these languages are supported, including through the COMAND API, Web Services, and throughout the webCOMAND user interface. The screenshot below demonstrates how full flexibility for browsing the repository at past points in time is now supported. 

Version cPath

New View "Share" Feature

webCOMAND 3.0.24 also introduces new options for sharing a current cPath and view. You can now more easily work on multiple records at once with the new 'Open in new tab' menu option, which will open the same cPath and view in another browser tab. You can also more easily collaborate with your team with the 'Copy to clipboard' menu option, which will copy a URL with the current cPath and view that you can share with other webCOMAND users.

3.0.24 Share Menu

Other Bug Fixes / Performance Improvements

We've made a number of fixes in this release to address minor bugs and boost interface performance. These include:

  • Improved page load performance for webCOMAND instances for large numbers of issues.
  • Improved performance of the package updater when rolling out new releases.
  • Style tweaks and fixes for the cPath view title bar, including overflow issues with the cPath view menus.
  • Bug fixes within the Content Type Editor including formatting of auto-pluralized titles and user interface bugs in the template editor
  • Improvements to the customizable Search Settings throughout the user interface, including better support for single/double quotes in search strings and for searches that don't require specific filter input.
  • Fixes within the webCOMAND form view when resizing auto-expanding form elements, updating the workflow buttons for deeply embedded content, and linking to other repository content within the Rich Text Editor.
  • Better handling of unrecognized MIME-types in enforcing field validation through the API and through the user interface
  • Browser-specific fixes for the Rich Text Editor within webCOMAND when used in expanded mode and in the Content Type Editor


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