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webCOMAND 3.0.28 Released

webCOMAND 3.0.28 introduces Batch Edit.

Batch Edit

Use Batch Edit to update a field in multiple content items.

Refined Gallery View

Gallery View now displays content titles in a translucent caption overlay by default, so more of the images are visible while still showing the titles.


The existing "framed" and "on hover" options are also still available from the Gallery View Controls Sidebar.

Additional Updates

  • Copy Formatting - A new Copy Formatting option is now available in the Rich Text Editor.
  • PHP API Batch Object Delete - A new 'batch_delete' option is available for the collection->delete() method to more efficiently delete many objects of the same type(s).
  • New Backup Options - A couple of additional configuration options have been added to customize how webCOMAND repository backups are created.  large_file_size can be used to adjust the maximum size of files to compress within a backup ZIP archive.  The default is 10MB.  If files larger than this size are added to the ZIP archive, they will not be compressed to reduce memory and processing requirements.  enable_zip64 was added to enable Zip 64 compression.  Default is TRUE.   FALSE will use Zip 32 compression instead.

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