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webCOMAND 3.0.30 Released

webCOMAND 3.0.30 improves unique field options and includes many other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Unique Fields

Fields can now be configured to ensure their values are:

  • Unique in Type - Must be unique across all objects of the same Content Type, and types that extend it.
  • Unique in Type, across Dimensions - Must be unique across all variants of objects of the same Content Type, and types that extend it.
  • Unique in Type and Collection - Must be a unique from other objects in the same folder or field, but not necessarily unique across all objects of the same Content Type.
  • Unique in Type and Collection, across Dimensions - Must also be unique within each variant for all objects in the same folder or field.

Additional Updates

  •  Publication Settings - New option to select a specific object to publish, rather than checking “Target Object”.  This is useful when publishing a specific content item that may be dependent on others.
  • Import Timestamps - Fixed issue that prevented quoted timestamps from importing from CSV files.  Dates did work as expected.
  • API App Create User Token - Fixed issue with create button to the right of the Token drop-down.
  • cPath “Copy to Clipboard” - The “Copy to Clipboard” function now properly URL encodes cPath’s that contain a “+” character.
  • Prevent Schedule Tasks - Scheduled Tasks are now paused when Diagnose, Repository Cleanup or other Scheduled Tasks with the new "Exclusive" field checked are running.  This helps tame busy servers by reducing the number of simultaneous intensive tasks that run at the same time.
  • Notifications & Tasks Sidebar Limit - This sidebar previously grew indefinitely, slowly consuming more browser memory if left open for days.  Old tasks are now removed as new ones are added to limit browser memory utilization.
  • Invalid Reset Code - If a user clicks an expired reset password link, they will now see a message indicating that the reset code has expired.  It used to silently fail without an explanation.
  • #INCLUE() - Added #INCLUDE() cTemplate directive.

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