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webCOMAND 3.1.0 Released

webCOMAND 3.1.0 improves behind the scenes operations, and provides minor improvements and bug fixes.

Git Repository, COMAND Market and Version Numbers

While this release does not include new highly visible features or functions for users, there have been dramatic improvements to how we maintain and release new versions of webCOMAND.  In particular, we have:

  • Switched from SVN to Git for version control.
  • Automated many of the tasks required to create and deploy new releases.
  • Updated the installer and updater to utilize the COMAND Market for all packages.
  • Updated how we will number releases going forward to: Major.Minor.Patch

Additional Updates

This release also includes a number of minor bug fixes and improvements.

  •  Simplified Content Log Settings - Max Log Count and Max Log Age fields changed to simple drop-downs instead of free-form Text Lines, so it is more obvious what the options are.  Eliminated Skip Content Logs option, which is now one of the new Max Log Count drop-down options.
  • Fixed Missed Task Sidebar Updates - Fixed issue with web socket client that prevented the Notifications & Tasks sidebar from updating properly when a large number of updates occurred quickly.
  • Fixed Web Socket Server Restart - Fixed issue with web socket server that caused it to crash and restart when a server was not used for an extended period of time.
  • Fixed Package Removal from CTE - Fixed issue that prevented the removal of a Content Type's Package from within the Content Type Editor.
  • Fixed Content Reorder Error - In some cases an error would be reported about re-ordering items, even though no actual error occurred.

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