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webCOMAND 3.2.0 Released

webCOMAND 3.2.0 adds Pull Settings, improves Unique Fields and includes minor improvements and bug fixes.

Pull Settings

It is now easier to synchronize content between webCOMAND systems.

  • Specify content to copy/update based on any criteria using cPath.  For example, sync "all content in a folder" or "all active content in a set of categories across folders".
  • Specify a destination Folder, Package or Base to keep in sync.
  • Content Types and other dependencies are automatically pulled to the destination system if they don't already exist.
  • Content Types and Fields can be excluded to prevent the synchronization of specific content and fields from the destination system.
  • Pull Settings can be scheduled to run at any time(s) and/or intervals with a Scheduled Task.

Unique Field Improvements

  • Better Error Messages - The error message reported when multiple item's have conflicting field values more clearly identify the conflicts, including a cPath to list the entire collection of conflicts.
  • Unique Field Checks Faster - Unique fields are now checked more efficiently, which speeds up validation for large content collections (in the millions).

Additional Updates

This release also includes a number of minor bug fixes and improvements.

  •  Event Log Demotion - It is now possible to demote logged events from one level (ie. Error) to another (ie. Warning) based on the number of times the event has occurred in a row across System Tasks started by a Scheduled Task.
  • Backups Restore Faster - Large (+100GB) backups now restore dramatically faster (minutes instead of hours).
  • Backup Process Cleans Up - Backup process now cleans up "split files" that used to be left behind consuming storage.
  • Paste Multiple Variants - Pasting content where the source has multiple variants now pastes all variants to the new object as specified in the paste dialog.
  • Deep Validation Errors - Validation errors deep within embedded content now surface when approving parent content, so it is more apparent the parent content can not be approved.
  • Non-Published Filename Duplicates - Files that are not published (because their cTemplate returns FALSE) are no longer considered in the duplicate filename check, which produces a warning if two files publish with an identical file path (so the original file is overwritten).

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