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webCOMAND 3.3.0 Released

webCOMAND 3.3.0 improves Rich Text Settings, plus other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Rich Text Settings Improvements

Two new options have been added to Rich Text Settings to make it possible to use the default Rich Text Editor Content Rules based on the enabled Toolbar options (leave Allow Content Rules field blank), but further customize those default rules.

  • Extra Allowed Content Rules - Define content rules that extend the defaults.
  • Disallowed Content Rules - Disallow content rules already allowed by the defaults.

For more information, see Rich Text Settings Content Rules in the Developer Guide.

Additional Updates

This release also includes a number of minor improvements and bug fixes.

  •  CLI System Task Count - A new CLI option has been added to easily get the number of running System Tasks.
  • Scheduled Task Warnings and Notices Email - New options have been added to Scheduled Tasks to send an email when Warnings or Notices are logged to the corresponding System Task.  Previously there was only an option to email always, or if there were Errors.
  • Web Form Processor Deactivation - A new "Active" option has been added to Web Form Processors to make it easy to disable them.
  • Content Validation - The Required field option now works properly for File and Image fields, and on all required fields when a new/empty record is created.
  • webCOMAND Image Processing End Points Grid - URL-based image processors now support the option to display a translucent grid where there is image transparency again.  This option stopped working in 3.1.x.  For more information, see webCOMAND End Points.
  • Error when Content Type Class Loading Fails - When a content type class could not be loaded, it used to produce a warning, which would often go unnoticed.  This issue now produces an error, so it will be seen more easily in event logs and the user interface.
  • Rich Text Editor Link Search Focus Fix - The typing cursor no longer jumps from the search input to the Tooltip input when a space is entered in the search input within the Rich Text Editor Link popup.
  • Panel Resize Bar Fix - The panel resize bar no longer appears "on top of" the panel hamburger menu drop-down.
  • Delete Content Type Confirmation - When a the delete content type option is clicked in the UI a more significant warning is now displayed, beyond the usual delete object warning, to make it clear the action may have a more significant impact.
  • Improved Folder Descriptions - Folder object descriptions now include the full path from the folder root, so it easier to differentiate between similarly named folders at different locations in the hierarchy when displayed in List View or independently versus in a tree.
  • Web Socket Server Buffer Overflow - Resolved issue that could cause the web socket server buffer to overflow when a significant number of new events were added to a System Task's event log quickly.
  • Daemon Stability - The daemon process has been improved to eliminate certain conditions that could cause it to crash.  Even though it is automatically restarted upon termination, the momentary down-time could lead to missed real-time updates in the user interface.
  • Market Connection Retry - The software upgrade process is now more robust when connecting to the market to download package updates.  Multiple attempts will be made if initial attempts fail.
  • Package Upgrade Improvements - Package updates now include checksum information for current and upgrade files, which are now compared to help identify and mitigate issues that can happen due to file corruptions in the download and update/writing to disk process.  The update process will also identify and skip updates to the existing package files if they have been modified from the original package, unless the -f force flag is set.  This will prevent the loss of any manually patched files that may require additional attention before an upgrade.

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