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webCOMAND 3.4.0 Released

webCOMAND 3.4.0 improves user management and significantly improves performance for user's with limited access, plus introduces a pair of new cQuery functions.

User Management

The Users App has been improved to make it easier to manage User Roles.


It is now possible to manage user access by Repository, Base and Folder.  Field authorizations are now accessible directly from the Content tab, to the right of each content type's authorizations.  It is also possible to specify if future fields of a content type should automatically be given read and/or write authorization, per user role and content type.  For more information, see the Users App.

Complex User Roles no longer negatively impact performance of the user interface, web services or queries, for corresponding users.  Even users with extremely complex and fine-grained authorizations and privileges see performance similar to users with full access.

New cQuery Functions

This release also introduces two new functions to compare comma separated lists to determine if one list contains any or all values in the other.  For more information, see FIND_ALL_IN_SET() and FIND_ANY_IN_SET().

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