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webCOMAND 3.5.0 Released

webCOMAND 3.5.0 improves repository backups, scheduled tasks, the software update process and more.

Repository App Improvements

  • Repository backups are now more storage efficient and include integrity validation with new checksum information included in the manifest file.  Decompression is skipped to improve performance with more recognized compressed file formats.
  • CLI Backup has new force option to the restore, even if the backup checksum cannot be validated.
  • CLI Backup has new fast option to skip checksum validation to restore the backup as quickly as possible, but does not validate the backup file integrity.
  • Backup process now removes temporary split files after they are no longer needed in all cases.
  • Resolve issue with "Write Files" option in Repo Details popup in Repository app, to write all package files to the file system based on Add "Write Files" option to Repo details popup in Repository App, which can be used to write all files stored in the repository to the file system based on File Settings, in addition to how the restore process writes all package files after a restore.
  • Repository App Backup section now lists the most recent backups first.
  • Resolved upload issue in the Repository app when uploading very large backups.

Scheduled Task Improvements

  • New Maximum Running Tasks (max_running_tasks) configuration option to limit the number of actively running System Tasks.  If more System Tasks are started, they will be queued and run automatically in the order they were queued once others have finished.
  • New Run When Disabled option to configure critical Scheduled Tasks to continue to run, even when scheduled tasks are configured to be disabled by the webCOMAND Daemon.
  • Improved Exclusive option for Scheduled Tasks to also work with "Run as Service" Scheduled Tasks.

Update Improvements

Many improvements have been made to the webCOMAND software upgrade process to make it easier and more robust.

  • Pre-upgrade backups are now compressed as they are created to conserve storage.  If a pre-upgrade backup already exists, it will be renamed before creating another.
  • The webCOMAND Daemon is now automatically stopped before updating, and restarted upon completion.
  • Ensures files created during the update process are assigned the correct filesystem owner and group to avoid permission issues after completing.
  • Resolve issues with upgrading webCOMAND more than one major version at a time.
  • Package update/import is now only run if a package import file change is detected.
  • Upgrade version parameter no longer requires major, minor and update for the version number.  Instead, only the major version is required, and if the optional minor and update are omitted, the update will discover and upgrade to the latest (eg. io_comand update -v 3.5).
  • Package updates will now skip the package installation process when the --skipinstall flag is specified, so only the software is updated.
  • Some older deprecated packages will be removed as part oft the 3.5 upgrade.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Batch Edit Field Selection drop-down now includes a search and field icons match the field type.
  • Put Web Service will now update the position (order) of objects within the specified parent.
  • Get Web Service will process cTemplate field values in results when the new processPublication option is set.
  • IN_FOLDER() function and .IN_FOLDER() method added to cPath/cQL.
  • webCOMAND Daemon is now more resilient to issues, including automatically shutting down duplicate running daemons, if more than one is started, detecting if an existing daemon has hung up, so a new one should be started and refreshing outdated PID files.
  • webCOMAND Daemon will now detect and reload changes to the main configuration automatically.
  • Added Renew Certificate Scheduled Task to automatically renew SSL certificantes if Let's Encrypt SSL certificate support is enabled.
  • Optimized cTemplate processor to skip empty Content Type cTemplates, which are commonly used to eliminate processing the Summary, Description, Icon, Keywords and similar.
  • Refresh folder, content type and field caches when folders, content types and fields are removed.
  • Resolved upload issue in the Files app when uploading very large files.
  • Resolved UI issue that could occur when the Variants Sidebar was pinned.
  • Resolved issue with some content keywords missing from keyword search.
  • Reduced event logging to daemon process to reduce memory requirements, and could lead to very long-running daemons to eventually run out of memory.
  • Resolved issue that would cause Batch Edit to fail on certain inherited fields.
  • Resolved issue with the progress dialog when Batch Editing a Timestamp field.
  • Resolved issue where modifying some checkbox fields in Form View could cause others to be unnecessarily locked by the same user, even though they were not modified.

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