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webCOMAND 3.6.0 Released

webCOMAND 3.6.0 includes integration with Amazon S3 and improves repository backups and task automation.

Amazon S3 Integration

  • webCOMAND now integrates with Amazon's S3 storage through a new S3 package.
  • Migration of local nightly backups to mounted S3 drives is automatic and highly configurable.
  • New S3 integration helps minimize storage requirements on webCOMAND servers.

Repository App and Backup Improvements

  • Repository and MySQLDump-style backups are now supported by webCOMAND's nightly backup tasks.
  • MySQLDump-style backups are produced with metadata and progress tracking as they are written.
  • The Repository App now shows extra details for both types of backups, and supports restoring webCOMAND from either.

Scheduled Task Improvements

  • New ServerType field allows tasks to run, or not run, according to the new server_type configuration option in webCOMAND.
  • Task exclusivity is now more flexible with the addition of task Groups and BlockGroups, which define which tasks should be blocked from running when other tasks are already running on the container.
  • These new features help balance database or disk-intensive tasks for improved system stability.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • webCOMAND configuration files are now split to allow syncing common configurations between production, development and failover servers while preserving local server configuration overrides.
  • New ServerType configuration will support future logic and functionality for different types of webCOMAND servers.
  • cObject lock timeouts are now configurable, supporting containers with very large records with lots of embedded content.
  • SSL LetsEncrypt integration automatically handles generated log and certificate file ownership to prevent blocking automated webCOMAND usage of the API.

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